It was a lovely show full of friendly people. Being given lots of positive feed back about my work was great and thanks to everybody who liked the newest idea of  ‘Personal Touch Collages.’ Of which I hope to combine many personal elements from an individual for example an item of clothing, birthday party memorabilia, photos, a lock of hair and of course hand and footprint(s) to create a personalised artwork that can be to remember a particular day, time period, person or a great gift. The fragments will be held together with my own personal touch of hand and machine embroidery  to create a ‘Personalised Collage.’ Im planning on starting to get some up on my blog on my return from traveling in September 2010. Then organising these  with clients there-on after. They’ll make great Christmas presents and cards too!

Please dont hasitate to contact me about any of the above information.

MOB: 07921775692



Next Event

January 21, 2010

The next date that I’m  showing my work at

The Landmark Arts Contemporary Textiles fair 2010,

Sat13th and Sunday14th March,

Ferry Road,



Details of how to get to the show are on their website –

Every year its a great morning or afternoon out, there’s a wide range of textiles, arts and crafty bits on show and for sale. I’d love to see you all there.

A great big thank you!

January 18, 2010

Thank you to every body who came to see my work at the Mall Galleries in London.

Although the run up to the event for me was a bit stressful at times it was well worth it because of the positive feed back.

Showing at the Mall was a great experience for me, i learnt a lot about exhibiting and felt privileged to be showing along side such a wide range of beautiful work and lovely artists. Plus now all the other licentiates and i can say that we’ve shown our work in a well established Gallery in London yay!

Also Thank you to every body that left comments in my book they are highly encouraging and inspiring. Just what a tiered artist needs for fueling the preparation for her next event in March!